God sows four foundational seeds in his New Covenant church: the Lordship of the Spirit, the authority of the Word, the ministry of the saints, and making Christ visible. Employing these truths, leaders equip the body to join with them to make God visible to a watching and needy world.

Bible Studies on Leadership

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Servant Leadership

The Lord and His Church Various
Honored Servants Jn 13:12-17
Leadership in the Church Mk 10:35-45
Servant Leadership and Eldership Various
A Pastor's Authority Mk 10:42-43a

When All Else Fails...Read the Directions

Introduction Eph 1:22-23
Ch 1: Can It Be? Matt 16:18
Ch 2: The Living Church Eph 4:1-16
Ch 3: Looking for Missing Links Eph 4:16
Ch 4: Leadership... or Domination? Matt 23:8-10
Ch 5: God Gives Pastors--For What? Jn 8:28-29
Ch 6: Workers Together with God Ac 10:34-44
Ch 7: Motivating Men Exodus 3:7-4:14
Ch 8: Kinks in the Links Luke 12:37
Ch 9: Spiritual Boot Camp 2 Cor 2:14
Ch 10: Letters to the 20th Century Church Rev 2:29
Appendices Various

Expository Preaching

The Glory of Preaching
1 Cor 2,4
The Preparation of Expository Sermons
The Accountability of the Preacher
1 Cor 4
On Expository Preaching Various
The Primacy of Preaching Various
What the Bible Means to Me Jer 15:16

Baptism, Tithing & Church Discipline

The Meaning of Baptism
Tithing Deut 26:1-10
The Godly Use of Assets, Time and Money Various
Tell It to the Church
Matt 18:15-18

Lessons from the Past

Secret Growth Mk 4:26-29

God sows and harvests four critically foundational seeds in his church. First is The Lordship of the Spirit of God, his living presence as Lord of his church. When Jesus said, Go into all the world and preach the gospel, making disciples of all nations, he also said, and lo, I am with you always. He intends to direct his church through leaders who are submissive to the Holy Spirit — his New Testament, New Covenant model.

The second seed is The Ministry of the Saints. Church leaders are not the only ones who can make decisions and perform ministries in the church. Ephesians 4 clearly states that God prepares church leaders for the equipping of the saints to do the work of ministry, for the building up of the body of Christ. Each member is to employ the gift God has given him, under the direction and power of the Lord of the church. The saints, trained to work together in dependence on Jesus, form the core of the New Covenant church.

Third is The Authority and Centrality of the Word of God. The church sits under the judgment of the Word of God, and must never presume to shape it to fit its own needs. It is God's spoken and prescribed instrument for governance of his church. The God-honoring New Covenant church will continually ask how the Word is to be applied throughout its ministry.

Finally, the fourth seed is Making Visible the Invisible Christ, declaring the indwelling life of the Lord Jesus. Leaders are to teach the people the power of a risen Christ within each member, alive in the midst of this fallen world. This must be the function of a New Covenant church, above everything else.

These four principles arise from the Word of God, from studying and thinking about it, and from experienced conviction that these things are true. Spread from the hearts of church leaders, this conviction takes root in the people. In this way God's Spirit abides in richness and abundance in our midst, God's work takes root in his church, and the body joins the leaders in making Christ visible to a watching and needy world.