Doctrinal Topics

I have seen some rather prominent Christian leaders who have suffered total moral collapse. In each case the first sign of impending disaster, the first outward mark of inward deterioration, was a shift in their view of the authority of the Word of God. There is a very definite link between moral decline and the authority of Scripture.

Bible Studies on Doctrinal Topics

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Problems Confronting Man

The Scars of Sin
Rom 6:16
The Authority of the Word
2 Tim 3:1-17
Man in Three Worlds
1 Cor 1:18 - 2:16
Christians Unabridged
Mat 11:28-30
Finding the Will of God
1 Thess 4:3
The Point of No Return
Deuteronomy 11:10-12

The Nature and Person of Jesus

Bread from Heaven
Jn 6:27-57
The King of Peace
Gen 14:17-24
At Judas' Feet Jn 13:1-20
The Servant of the Lord
Isa 42:1-4

Short Essays

Gems of Theology