Timothy: The Pastor's Primer

This first letter has to do with the ministry of the church itself -- its character and its nature, its function in the world. The second letter centers around the message that it has to convey -- the great theme is the gospel, and Timothy's relationship to that gospel.

Bible Studies in the Book of Timothy

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First Timothy

Guard the Teaching
1 Tim 1:1-7
Awful Lawfulness
1 Tim 1:8-11
The Model Leader
1 Tim 1:12-17
Wage the Good Warfare
1 Tim 1:18-20
The First Thing -- Prayer
1 Tim 2:1-7
Adam's Rib or Women's Lib?
1 Tim 2:8-15
The Lord's Leaders
1 Tim 3:1-7
The Lord's Servants
1 Tim 3:8-13
God's Chosen Instrument: The Church
1 Tim 3:14-15
The Central Glory
1 Tim 3:16
Fraudulent Faith
1 Tim 4:1-5
A Good Minister
1 Tim 4:6-10
Advice to a Young Pastor
1 Tim 4:11-16
The Care and Feeding of Widows
1 Tim 5:1-16
Help for Elders
1 Tim 5:17-25
Sound Words for Slaves
1 Tim 6:1-5
The Cost of Riches
1 Tim 6:6-19
O Man of God!
1 Tim 6:11-21

Second Timothy

The Promise of Life
2 Tim 1:1-7
The Call to Courage
2 Tim 1:8-13
How to Defend a Lion
2 Tim 1:14 - 2:2
Soldier's, Athletes, and Farmers
2 Tim 2:3-13
Avoiding Congregational Gangrene
2 Tim 2:14-19
Fit to be Used
2 Tim 2:20-22
Guidelines for Controversies
2 Tim 2:23-26
Dangerous Times
2 Tim 3:1-9
What you See is What you can Be
2 Tim 3:10-13
Thinking Christianly
2 Tim 3:14-16
The Majesty of Ministry
2 Tim 4:1-4
The Passing of the Torch
2 Tim 4:5-8
The End of the Road
2 Tim 4:9-22

Overview the Book of Timothy

from Adventuring Through the Bible

While Second Timothy represents the last word we have from the pen of the Apostle Paul, First Timothy was written a few years earlier, probably immediately after the apostle had been imprisoned in Rome for the first time. After he was released, he wrote this letter to the young man whom he had won to Christ years before when he was preaching in Timothy's home town of Lystra. Timothy was probably no more than sixteen years old at the time. He accompanied Paul on his second journey and was a faithful minister and son-in-the-faith with the apostle for the rest of his life.

This is one of three "pastoral letters" in the New Testament -- letters written from a pastor's viewpoint. First and Second Timothy are two of them, and Titus is the third. In these letters, we have very intimate words from the apostle to these young men who frequently accompanied him on his journeys. I have often suspected that some of the young men who were with Paul were once members of the palace guard of the Emperor Nero. In the letter to the Philippians, Paul tells us that the gospel was reaching the palace guard, and that many of them were being brought to Christ.

But this letter was to Timothy, who by this time had served as a son in the gospel with the apostle for several years. He was probably in his late twenties or early thirties, and the apostle had sent him to Ephesus, the great commercial and pleasure resort on the shores of the Mediterranean in Asia Minor.