Acts 13-28: Turning Point

Daily Devotions for the Month of July

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1: The Strategy of the Spirit Ac 13:1-12
2: The Radical Word of Justification Ac 13:32-39
3: The Power of Obedience Ac 14:1-10
4: Preaching to Non-Religious People Ac 14:11-28
5: Betraying the Gospel Ac 15:1-21
6: A Sharp Disagreement Ac 15:22-41
7: The Underlying Principle Ac 16:1-9
8: A Heart is Opened Ac 16:11-24
9: Rejoicing in Suffering Ac 16:25-40
10: More Noble Ac 17:1-15
11: Confronting Idolatry Ac 17:16-34
12: Encouragement from the Lord Ac 18:1-22
13: Halfway Christians Ac 18:23-19:7
14: Off Witchcraft! Ac 19:8-20
15: Christianity is Dangerous Ac 19:21-20:1
16: Fallen Asleep Ac 20:2-12
17: The Main Thing Ac 20:13-38
18: Paul's Mistake Ac 21:1-16
19: Freedom in Christ Ac 21:17-26
20: Struck Down, But Not Destroyed Ac 21:27-40
21: To Know His Will Ac 22:1-29
22: When the Flesh Rules Ac 23:1-5
23: Restoration! Ac 23:6-35
24: Discipline of Delay Ac 24:1-23
25: The Judgment to Come Ac 24:24-27
26: By Faith In Me Ac 25:1-26:23
27: That You May Become What I Am Ac 26:24-32
28: Secret Strength Ac 27:1-26
29: Safe on the Shore Ac 27:27-44
30: To the Jew First Ac 28:1-28
31: The End of the Beginning Ac 28:30-31

The thirteenth chapter is a turning point in the book of Acts. It is what Winston Churchill would have called one of the hinges of history. It marks the beginning of the third phase of our Lord's great commission. In the opening chapter of this book, before he ascended into the heavens, he said to his disciples, You shall receive power after the Holy Spirit is come upon you, and you will be witnesses of me... (Acts 1:8a RSV). Then he outlined geographically how that witness should proceed, beginning in Jerusalem, then in Judea and Samaria, and finally unto the uttermost parts of the earth. In Chapter 13 we meet the beginning of the last phase, the going unto the uttermost parts of the earth. It is also the beginning of the apostleship of Paul. Up to this time, though he was called to be an apostle when he was first converted on the Damascus road, he has never acted as an apostle. Now, some eleven or twelve years after his conversion, he begins to fulfill the ministry to which he was called as an apostle of Jesus Christ. Perhaps the most important thing about this section is that here is found a revelation of the manner of the leading of the Spirit, how the Spirit of God guides his people.

We pray God will bless you through this daily devotion.

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